Student Life

Morning and Afternoon Care

Premium Before and After-School Care Options for Your Child

At VIS, we understand that your child’s development doesn’t stop when the school bell rings. That’s why we offer two fantastic options for care outside of regular school hours, ensuring your child thrives in a supportive and engaging environment.

Option 1: SFO Light – Only 85kr Monthly
For families seeking minimal support, our SFO Light option provides the perfect balance. Enjoy the flexibility of dropping off your child a half hour before school and picking them up a half hour after. Plus, once a month, students can opt for a long day in our full SFO program.

Option 2: SFO – Comprehensive Care at 1750kr Monthly
Experience the full spectrum of after-school care with our comprehensive SFO program. Designed to nurture your child’s life skills, foster friendships, and create lasting memories in a fun and supportive environment.

Why Choose our SFO Program?

Our program goes beyond traditional after-school care, offering a holistic approach to your child’s development. With a focus on fun, learning, and building friendships, our SFO options are the perfect choice for families seeking exceptional care.

Opening Hours

School Hours

08:15 AM - 02:15 PM

  • Note that IPC 1's day ends at 01:30 PM.
  • SFO Light for IPC1 is from 07:45 AM - 02:15PM
SFO Light
Key Features

07:45 AM - 02:45 PM

  • Only 85kr monthly
  • Extended care with convenient drop-off and pickup times
  • Monthly opportunity for a full day in the comprehensive SFO program
Key Features

07:30 AM - 05:00 PM

  • Healthy snacks prepared with the children
  • Exciting excursions to enhance learning and exploration
  • Monthly WOW celebration events to bring excitement
  • Monthly themed activities for a dynamic and engaging experience
  • Bonus: 5 additional weeks of full-day care during school closures

Seasonal Extra-Curricular Clubs

Extra-curricular clubs occur after school hours and are available to learners outside of the VIS community as well as learners from our school. Our after school clubs are a mix of offerings from parents, staff, and outside providers. See the latest brochure for the current offerings. All reported activities are subject to change as for some activities there is a minimum and a maximum number of participants. Insufficient entries for an activity will unfortunately mean that it is cancelled. Registration will be handled in order of entry.

School Song

Discover the harmonious spirit that defines VIS through the notes of our school song. Created collaboratively by our enthusiastic learners, this is a heartfelt expression of their love for our school and a celebration of our rich diversity.

Why Our School Song Matters:
– Authenticity: Crafted by our very own learners, the song encapsulates the genuine feelings and sentiments of our school community.

Unity in Diversity: 
-Embrace the rich tapestry of our community as we celebrate diversity through the powerful lyrics and melodies of our school song.

Sing Along at Special Events:
-Immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere as we proudly sing our school song during special events. It’s not just a song; it’s a collective expression of our shared values and the vibrant spirit that makes VIS truly exceptional.


Verse 1
Every day we come to school,
by metro, bus or carpool
We are here to learn, hug our friends and play
and give my best to grow

VIS it’s a happy place
We say Hello, Hujambo
Hola, Namaste, Xin Chao,
Goddag, Zdravstvuyte
Kon’nichiwa and Ni Hao

Verse 2
Studying can be sometimes tricky
Solving problems using Stem
It can get icky, it can get itchy
but I will give my best


Verse 3
Each of us, unique and kind
Make a difference in this world
We water the plants and protect the trees
So we’ll have a clean place to live.