Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

At Viking International School, we recognize the deep commitment a family makes when investing in private school education. We take your investment seriously and work diligently to balance affordability with our world-class education programme.

Included in the tuition at VIS:

  • All school materials, books, pencils, etc.
  • English as an Additional Language instruction and support
  • Danish as an Additional Language instruction and support
  • Learning Support for many special needs areas
  • School excursions for curricular and cultural events
  • Access to school computers and tablets
  • Morning Club
  • School Counselor led small group sessions
  • School socials, events, and parent education courses
  • Access to our amazing community of learners and families from all over the world
Monthly tuition

2940 DKK*

  • * Students starting after September 5th pay 1000 DKK more a month for the remainder of the school year
Morning Club

0 DKK*

  • * Morning Club is free for all VIS families
After School Club

1310 DKK*

  • * After School Club enrollment also comes with 10% discount on camps and free extra care on early release days

Tuition is a yearly fee that for convenience we break into 12 monthly payments. It is possible to pay in larger installments for a discount

  • Quarterly payments – 2% discount billed at 8644 DKK
  • Half year payments – 2.5% discount billed at 17,199 DKK
  • Annual payments – 3% discount billed at 35,280 DKK

For administrative purposes the the tuition is divided into two categories: school tuition fee and integrated SFO. The integrated SFO is a normal part of the tuition for all students at VIS and includes pedagogical activities throughout the day and some of our clubs.

Admission Fees

A deposit equal to three months tuition (currently 8820) is needed to secure the admission of each student. The deposit is fully refundable with three months notice of leaving the school.

Late Payment Fee

A reminder for payments not received will be sent at a 125 DKK.

Nonpayment of fees

If fees owed to the school exceed the deposit, the student will be considered to be withdrawn.