Vision, Mission and Values

Viking International School is an international community of learners, families, and educators. Our diversity of cultures, religions, and worldviews helps us to celebrate, learn, and become global citizens committed to making a brighter future for all. As such, we partner with local and international partners to help our work with sustainability, social justice, student wellbeing, and STEM.

We pride ourselves on the community that we have all jointly created where children feel safe, happy, and challenged. Our learners are excited to ask questions, experiment, and find answers in our inquiry-based learning classrooms. We explore the world through units of work that allow us to dive deeply into subject matter and carry out our own research to find answers.


To create an empathetic community of lifelong learners and world changers.


Empower every learner to reach their full potential by consistently delivering innovative and quality education.



Care for each other, ourselves, and the world around us through the IPC personal goals.


Hands-on experiences, STEM, and cutting-edge learning collaborations.


Opening doorways to solve new problems and create new types of meaningful action.


Confident and reflective global citizens with 21st century skills.


Social justice, equality, sustainability, and a drive to change the world for the better.