Friends of VIS

Strengthening Cultures and Building Community are the dual aims of our Friends of VIS. Every year in each class, Friends of VIS class representatives are elected to serve as a liaison bridge between teachers and families. The school presents to the Friends of VIS volunteers cultural and community events that they would like to hold and collaboratively we make them happen. Friends of VIS members can also take their own initiative to create more events, organize class-wide play dates, events, etc.

We welcome all of our families to join Friends of VIS and help us create a welcoming and strong community that
both new families and old can feel connected to.

Family Zone

Whether you are new to Denmark or have specific questions about things such as birthdays at school, how to access dental care for children, or what types of meetings with Teachers are there yearly, you’ll find them in this area.

Please take time to read and come back to our VIS Parent Guide which is full of lots of practical
and helpful information.

Our Integrating and Assessing Denmark is collaborative guide built jointly with us and the PTA to help families access all the many opportunities for children and families here.

Download VIS Parent Guide

Download Integrating and Assessing Denmark Guide

Moving to Denmark

Moving to Denmark can be a big change for children and for families as a whole. Our Pre-Arrival guide will give you the most important information you need to be successful for your child’s first days of school at VIS. You may also find this guide from Børns Vilkår helpful about raising a child in Denmark. Both of these tools aim to make your transitions to both our school and Denmark as a whole as easy as possible. Additionally, our Friends of VIS is a wonderful source of information and support.


We believe in open communication with families which is why we use two programs to keep you up to date.

Toddle is where our online student learning portfolios and learning reports are found.

You can access Toddle here Toddle


We are a part of several initiatives that support our core values of collaboration and working to make the world more sustainable.

DISN Danish International Schools Network

Nordic Network of International Schools