Grade Placement

Grade Placement

The year group placement of a child is undertaken carefully to ensure success for the learner. We look at academics, social skills, and our school’s capacity to make sure that your child is put in the best position for happiness and achievement, both for the year they join and all of their subsequent education.

The placement of new students is based on three factors:

  • The age of the student on October 1st of the academic year
  • An assessment/interview
  • A record of previous school experience and grades

The school has the right, in some circumstances, to place children at a grade outside their age range if this is seen as necessary for the child’s academic and social success. The criteria for advancement to the next grade level are based on two factors: Firstly, whether the classroom teacher, in consultation with the leadership team, evaluates that the student has met the requirements of their present grade curriculum; and secondly, how effectively they will meet the following grade’s curriculum.

Grade overview

The age requirements for each grade are shown below:  These are the ages that students are at the start of the year in August.

The International Early Years Curriculum

IEYC 1: 3-4 years
IEYC 2: 4-5 years

International Primary Curriculum

IPC 1:  5-6 years*
IPC 2:  6-7 years*
IPC 3:  7-8 years*
IPC 4:  8-9 years*
IPC 5:  9-10 years*
IPC 6:  10-11 years
IPC 7:  11-12 years

International Middle Years Curriculum

IMYC 1:  12-13 years
IMYC 2:  13-14 years
IMYC 3:  14-15 years
IMYC 4:  15-16 years

Diploma Programme

DP 1: 16-17 years
DP 2: 17-18 years

As we are a new and growing school not all of these year groups are currently offered. Know that every year we are adding at least one year group.

* For the 2022-23 school years only IPC 1-5 are available.